Monday, 3 March 2014

March/April Classes

For March and April we'll see the LAUNCH parties for both Piloxing, a cardio interval class based on Pilates, Boxing Dance AND Zumba! I've also been asked to run a day Kettlercise course, so I've added on on a Wednesday, running for four weeks to see how that goes! As always, you can turn up to PAYG classes without booking, however, I would suggest if you plan on coming to the launch party of either Piloxing or Zumba, that you contact me to guarantee your place (just for that one session). There are also a few venue changes within the listed classes, so please have a read, and let me know if you have any questions or would like to book a place on any of the courses.

Three course options available:

Monday 17th March, 6:30pm-7:20pm at Epiphany Primary School, Shillingstone Drive. BH9 3PE. This is a 5 week course due to Bank Holiday and therefore reduced to £25.

Wednesday 26th March, 11:30am-12:20pm at Strouden Community Centre, 31 Vangaurd Road (corner of Bradpole Road), BH8 9NU. Four week course, £20.

Thursday 20th March, 7pm-7:50pm at Winton Primary School, Oswald, Road, Winton, BH9 2TG. This is a six week course, £30.

Kettlercise is an amazing group fitness class that will literally see your body shape transform before your eyes! Perfect for improving fitness and stamina, strength, muscle tone and really boosting fat and inch loss!

The next 8 week Boxercise course starts:

Tuesday 1st April 2014, 7pm-8pm, Muscliff Primary School, Broadway Lane, BH8 0AB

This course is a fun and effective way to train the way boxers do to get into tip top condition! A general warm up followed by circuits uses all of your major muscle groups, working on your fitness, muscle strength, fat loss, stamina and coordination. We then move on to pad work; pairing up with a partner and learning punches and combo’s to throw together to maximise calorie burn and it’s also a great way to reduce stress!

8 week course is £60, this fee includes your own pair of gloves and wraps to keep. Rejoining fee is £40. Places must be booked in advance.


The next six week course starts:

Saturday 5th April, 10:30am-12pm, (optional weigh in starts from 10am), Epiphany Primary School, Shillingstone Drive, BH9 3PE

This six week course will be the ultimate class to kick start your weekend. Interval training maximises calorie burn for up to 24 hours after you’ve finished exercising – Perfect for the weekend!

Aerobics for beginners and 50+

Tuesdays 9:30am – 10:15am at Moordown Community Centre, Coronation Avenue, BH9 1TW
A great low impact class for beginners and over 50’s. The perfect way to help increase fitness, muscle tone and flexibility. Alternative exercises can be given including sitting or standing variations. Classes are £5 pay as you go or £40 for a 10 class pass (12 week expiry).

Piloxing - Launch Party held on Wednesday 19th March, 6:30pm-7:30pm - This class is FREE. Please book your place for the launch. 

Wednesdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm at Epiphany School
A cardio interval class using Pilates, Boxing and Dance moves. First class FREE. Classes are £5 pay as you go or £40 for a 10 class pass (12 week expiry).

Bokwa - Wednesdays 7:30pm – 8:20pm at Epiphany School, Shillingstone Drive, BH9 3PE
Get fit the happy way! Dance off up to 1200 calories by sweating the alphabet and drawing the digits to fabulous chart topping music! Easy to pick up because there is no complicated choreography to learn. First class FREE. Classes are £5 pay as you go or £40 for a 10 class pass (12 week expiry).

Zumba - Launch Party held on Monday 24th March, 7:35pm-8:25pm - This class is FREE. Please book your place for the launch. 

Mondays 7:35pm - 8:25pm at Epiphany School
A dance fitness fusion playing popular beats from all around the world. First class FREE. Classes are £5 pay as you go or £40 for a 10 class pass (12 week expiry).

You can turn up to any of my pay as you go classes on the day, without booking. Course places must be booked in advance and your place can only be held once payment has been received.
If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch: 07791 605150

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