Tuesday, 6 October 2020

October, November & December Class Timetable


October, November and December Fitness Classes

Classes available include HIIT, Kettlercise, PiYO, Sculpt & Burn are listed below in alphabetical order. 

COVID-19 Policies

Please take the time to read the Fitness Quest Covid-19 Policies and ensure you understand and adhere to them at each class, should you have any questions about the measures in place and what is expected of members during these times, please get in touch. 

Class numbers have been restricted in line with the government rules, therefore once booked, no refunds or transfers are available due to the very limited viability of running classes at present. Should classes be cancelled due to further lockdowns, Fitness Quest or school closures then any course affected will be placed on hold until it is possible to resume classes - no weeks will be lost by members in this situation. Any active sessions you do not attend, for whatever reason, cannot be transferred.

Should you be seen to be in breach of the Covid-19 policies at a class (e.g. displaying symptoms/not engaging in social distancing) you may be refused the right to participate, without refund.

All members must have completed an online PAR-Q within the past 12 months and members must now sign in online before each class.

Epiphany Car Park

Please could everyone who parks their car at Epiphany Primary school for classes ensure they DO NOT drive out of the entrance when they leave. There have been some very near misses as people driving into the entrance or pedestrians crossing it are not expecting a vehicle to be exiting through it. If you need directions to the exit please ask at class.

BOXERCISE (see below)

  • Current course finishes 22nd October 2020. 
  • 7 week course starts Thursday 29th October 2020 - 10th December 2020, 7pm - 7:55pm at Muscliff Primary School, Broadway Lane, BH8 0AB, £42. COURSE FORMAT NOT YET DECIDED! For practical/fun reasons Boxercise will be taking a break until we can return to the pre-covid format. I'm happy to take recommendations from members but we can continue with the current Boxing HIIT format, switch it up to SH1FT (HIIT based) or L1FT (weights based) or even do some small group training (due to maximum 5 people the cost would be increased for this option). Let me know ASAP what you fancy doing for this next course. Email info@fitnessquest.co.uk to book your place.

  • Mondays 7:45pm - 8:15pm at Epiphany School, BH9 3PE. No classes on Bank Holidays. £30 for six consecutive weeks, you can start your six week block on a date to suit you. There will be no classes on 21st and 28th December so these weeks will not be included in your booking. Email info@fitnessquest.co.uk to book your place.
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is always in the media for its fat burning and body shaping benefits, and I've always incorporated it into many of my classes. Usually combined with my bootcamps or as a part of my popular sculpt and burn class, I've now decided to give HIIT its own slot on my timetable. I offer varying difficulty levels to adapt to all fitness ranges, so each and every one of you can work to your own ability. Performing body weight exercises, you can choose the high impact or low impact options and everyone will leave having had a great workout. It's also only a 30 minute class, so a great option for anyone looking for a quick blast.

  • Current course finishes 2nd November 2020. 
  • Six week course starts Monday 9th November 2020 - 14th December 2020, 6:30pm-7:25pm, Epiphany Primary School, Muscliff, BH9 3PE, £36. Email info@fitnessquest.co.uk to book your place.
    Kettlercise® covers a huge range of 37 kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques, from high energy pulse raises to being able to place extra emphasis on target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms and thighs and all with maximum effectiveness. It will not only destroy unwanted body fat but completely shape your body!


    PiYo is a group fitness class inspired by Pilates and Yoga. It's a full body workout designed to improve your strength and flexibility. Although inspired by Pilates and Yoga, forget everything you know about these techniques... PiYo is a whole new format in it's own right. I've never taught anything quite like it, you can certainly feel it challenging your muscles in ways you've never felt them work before! Putting together our PiYo poses, we are constantly flowing from one move to another, ensuring you don't stay still. This makes PiYo not only great for strength and flexibility but also calorie burn (there will be lots of sweat)!

    During a PiYo live class, we'll complete a series of tracks such as a warm up, heat building, lower body, full body fusion etc. All of these tracks are done to an upbeat soundtrack, so no whale music, as lovely as it is ;-) It's all low impact (with the option to add in a few jumps), and involves no weights, just your own body.
    • Current course finishes 11th November 2020. 
    • 8 week course starts Wednesday 18th November 2020 - 20th January 2021 (no classes on 21st and 28th December 2020), 6:30pm 7:25pm, Epiphany Primary School, Muscliff, BH9 3PE, £48. Email info@fitnessquest.co.uk to book your place.
    For more information on PiYo, including my FAQ's please click here.


    This is a brand new concept, devised by myself and it will target both muscle toning and strength as well as calorie burning HIIT exercises. During Covid-19 restrictions, I won't be bringing equipment to class so ask that members choose to bring an object of their choice, whether that's a kettlebell, dumbbells, or a backpack filled with books! 

    You will still get a few rounds of HIIT (high intensity interval training) in each class followed by a variety of strength and conditioning exercises which vary weekly. Combining these two types of training styles will maximise all round results. This class is ideal for those with a moderate to high fitness level and people looking for a physical challenge.

    • Current course finishes 11th November 2020. 
    • 8 week course starts Wednesday 18th November 2020 - 20th January 2021 (no classes on 21st and 28th December 2020), 7:40pm 8:20pm, Epiphany Primary School, Muscliff, BH9 3PE, £48. Email info@fitnessquest.co.uk to book your place.

    Course places must be booked in advance and your place can only be held once payment in full has been received. Bookings are non refundable and non transferrable. 

    Due to restricted class numbers, please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch:

    info@fitnessquest.co.uk 07791 605150

    Sunday, 27 September 2020

    Important Recap for the Return to Fitness Classes


    WOW! How wonderful to be back to teaching actual in person classes last week! It’s been amazing to see you all again and I hope those of you who managed to get back last week enjoyed it.

    It’s been a crazy six months and whilst I’m over the moon to get back to teaching, the whole Covid-19 situation has inevitably left me feeling quite apprehensive and stressed about ensuring I get everything right whilst still making classes effective and safe! I’m sure we’ll all get used to the rules and restrictions in place within a week or so, but I just wanted to remind you all of the really important information.

    The Covid-19 policies I asked you all to read in my last email (13th September) are genuinely so important to be aware of so that we can adhere to these each week. There’s a lot to remember, so I’m asking that you all take the time to read through them again which will hopefully mean I don’t have to keep reminding everyone each week. The rules are mainly here to keep us and the other users of the school safe, but also to ensure that I am able to continue running Covid secure classes for the foreseeable future.

    I can’t thank you all enough for sticking to the most important rules this week, I just want to mention a few things below which will hopefully improve classes even more!

    1. Please try to arrive as close to the start time as possible. If you arrive early, please wait in your car (or away from the main entrance) until a minute or two before the class start time as this will prevent people from congregating in groups. Please remember you are not permitted to mingle in groups of more than six. Not arriving early also ensures Liam and I have enough time to clean the touch points and open windows and doors.

    2. With this in mind, I also need to be strict on class start times. At Epiphany, the front door will be locked and curtains closed once the session starts, this is to stop passers by trying to access the premises without authorisation. If you are running late it is important that you TEXT me (not Facebook) and within reason I will wait a few minutes before starting the class and locking the doors.

    07791 605150

    3. Please remember to sign in to EACH CLASS you attend, this opens 48 hours before the class start time and replaces our paper sign in methods. I recommend setting reminders on your phone as I will no longer be sending personal reminders. I am using this as a fire register, a method of planning class spacing and also for track and trace data collection. Therefore, this information will be held securely for 21 days after the class has ended. If you can no longer attend the class please log back into your “booking” and cancel your place otherwise you will remain an attendee for this class. As of Thursday 24th September I will also be displaying a QR code for the NHS Test and Trace app and you have been encouraged by the government to download and use the app where possible. If you cannot do this your online sign in provides all of the required information.


    4. When you arrive at class, you may be guided to a certain area of the hall by either Liam or myself. This is so we can fill the hall, based on anticipated numbers, as far away from the entrance as possible. You may notice we’ve laid out bright pink discs in some of the busier classes, these are 3m2 boxes and the corners mark your boundary. Please keep your personal belongings within your area and avoid touching school furniture or placing your belongings on tables/chairs etc. Sanitiser (70% alcohol) is available for you to use. If you need to move around the hall (e.g. to access toilet) please just be aware that you must maintain 2m distance from any other member.

    I’m aware this all seems quite regimented to read (and definitely a little strange in practice too), but I’m confident we will get used to it soon.

    I hate having to mention all of the rules in person, it’s awkward and certainly isn’t the most fun part of my job but I do really appreciate your support, acceptance and understanding each class. If I notice anything which goes against the policies, whether that’s potential symptoms or gathering in groups larger than six, I will need to ask people to leave or change their behaviour otherwise I am facing huge fines and closing classes; please don’t put me in this situation. If you are unsure about any of the policy please email me and I will be happy to clarify.

    We are extremely lucky that fitness classes are exempt from the rule of six, but this only works with your co-operation, (GOV.UK 2020) point 3.15.

    If you have ANY of the Covid-19 symptoms, please do not attend class:

    ·         A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

    ·         A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

    ·         A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

    (NHS 2020)

    Thank you so much for your continued support, it may not seem like it with all my nagging but I am beyond grateful. Without everyone keeping themselves in credit, adapting to online memberships and signing up to the in person classes at the earliest opportunity, Fitness Quest would not have survived to this point. You may not be aware of the impact you have individually had on so many local businesses over the past six months, but without even the smallest of gestures, even more families across the World would have felt the impact much more severely. So on behalf of all the small businesses you’ve been able to support, thank you.

    I look forward to seeing you all again this week.

    Sunday, 13 September 2020

    RETURN TO CLASSES! Week Commencing 21st September...


    It's felt like a long time coming, but finally we are due to return to in person classes from Monday 21st September. To ensure we can all do so safely and comply with government guidelines, there have been some changes, and there's quite a lot for you to familiarise yourselves with. Therefore, I'll keep this update to the information that is important, please do get in touch if you have any questions.

    Here is what you need to do...

    1. Pick which class(es) you wish to attend and email info@fitnessquest.co.uk to book

    • Kettlercise: Monday at 6:30pm-7:25pm, 7 weeks starting 21st September. £42 for the 7 weeks, you will require your own Kettlebell.
    • HIIT: Monday at 7:45-8:15pm, 6 weeks starting 21st September. £30 for the 6 weeks.
    • PiYo: Wednesday at 6:30pm-7:25pm, 8 weeks starting 23rd September. £48 for the 8 weeks.
    • Sculpt & Burn: Wednesday at 7:45-8:25pm, 8 weeks starting 23rd September. £48 for the 8 weeks.
    • Boxercise will only be returning to members who were attending the course before lockdown. There are 5 weeks remaining of the current course, which restarts on Thursday 24th September.
    If you were booked on to one of the above courses before lockdown, you will hear from me shortly to confirm your place has been carried forward to the above dates.

    2. Read and understand all of the Fitness Quest Covid-19 policy which come into effect immediately. All members are required to adhere and agree with all rules set out.

    3. All members are required to complete a new Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) before returning to classes.

    4. Each week, members will be required to register online for each class they attend. 

    This replaces the need for manual sign in at class and will act as a class register, Covid-19 disclaimer and a method of collecting your contact details for track and trace purposes. Class registration will only open 48 hours before the class start time and registration is compulsory, even though you have booked for the course. You will be able to cancel your place if you cannot attend for any reason. Failure to register will result in non admittance to class so please set some reminders.

    5. Turn up to class on time (not early), bringing with you only what is absolutely essential.

    I know we've all missed each other but please do keep 2m distance from all other participants and at no point gather in groups larger than six. I would really appreciate swift exits after class to ensure social distancing. I am more than happy to answer any questions, but for the time being please aim to ask these via email or Facebook to maintain all social distancing.


    I was booked on to a course before lockdown, do I still have a place?

    Yes, any course that was either part completed or yet to start at the beginning of lockdown will automatically resume the week commencing 21st September so you do not lose any sessions.

    Why are there no early bird prices?

    I have had to temporarily suspend early bird prices due to ensuring the classes are financially viable considering reduced numbers at classes. If you had paid early bird prices before lockdown and left this in credit for the return of classes then you do not need to top up to the standard fees (I am so grateful you kept the credit during a really tough time for all small businesses)!

    I really enjoyed the Virtual Classes during lockdown, are they here to stay?

    Yes and no. Logistically I cannot run the in person classes and still stream via Zoom at the same time (lots of legal issues), therefore live and catch up virtual classes will end as of 21st September. However, I will be keeping the virtual membership Facebook group and allowing free access to all members booked onto in person classes until the end of October at least. This will provide access to the pre-recorded PiYo and short stretch routines as well as SH1FT and L1FT, the previous workout of the weeks (WOWs) and enable us a community space to share our love of all things fitness and act as a backup should we end up back in lockdown! 
    Will classes be really different?

    Classes will feel different to usual, whilst we are all finding that new normal but the classes I plan to be in line with all regulations will stay true to the class format and will still be a fun and effective way of getting your fitness mojo back! Once we've been back a week I'm sure it'll feel fabulous!

    What if we have another lockdown?

    Fingers crossed this doesn't happen, but school closures for deep cleans etc could well be a possibility. Therefore, to ensure Fitness Quest remains above water in the long run, if any classes are cancelled, where possible I intend to run the class online via Zoom.

    What happens if the instructor is self-isolating?

    If I'm required to self-isolate classes will be rescheduled until I have either completed the isolation period required or have a negative Covid-19 test result.

    I'm feeling a little under the weather (it's 100% not Covid-19), can I still come?

    I would urge anyone who isn't feeling well to stay at home and rest. Even without Covid-19 doing the rounds, exercising when poorly isn't the best idea. However, given the current situation I really would suggest that it is safer for you to stay at home if you have any respiratory illness, as these are still contagious and easily transmitted to other participants.

    Will I need to wear a mask?

    Masks are not recommended for anyone participating in physical activity, so no, you will not be asked to wear a mask but you must adhere to all of the Covid-19 policies in place.

    Can I still use the body composition scales?

    Not at the moment. To reduce shared equipment and touchpoints the scales will not return until it is safe to do so.


    If you have any questions that haven't been answered above, please send me an email.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing you all soon!

    Saturday, 12 September 2020

    Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)


    Friday, 17 July 2020

    Covid-19 Updates - Plan of Action

    I hope you are all keeping well and you are slowly finding some aspects of your life are returning to normal.

    When we closed classes there were murmurs of lockdown lasting two, maybe three months, but we're now heading into the FIFTH block of four week virtual memberships (starts Monday 20th July). My lovely members have adapted really well and are enjoying the virtual classes, but we're all chomping at the bit to return to in person classes.

    Whilst the government announced that gyms are allowed to reopen on the 25th July, unfortunately the easing of restrictions doesn't simply translate to community halls such as schools and churches. There's a lot of guidelines to adhere to which currently are not possible in smaller venues (ventilation, one way systems, maximum capacity). Further to this, both of my schools have confirmed that a return to classes will not be possible until September, provided the Covid-19 situation does not worsen and restrictions have eased to allow us all a safe return (the schools priority is quite rightly the children).

    Considering the above information, along with recent government advice I will be working with a date of return to classes for the week commencing 21st September 2020. This is by no means set in stone but it does give us all a date to work towards. I have outlined a return to classes policy, which I would encourage you to read regularly as it will be updated as the situation changes. Once we return, all members will be required to adhere to the Covid-19 policy. All payments/bookings will resume from the first confirmed date we are allowed back.

    The good news for those of you who are currently virtual members, is that this means we will have another four week block running between 17th August and 13th September 2020.

    For those of you who have not yet joined us online, I really would encourage you to give it a go. I now have a combination of pre-recorded and live classes, as well as some catch up classes for HIIT and Boxercise HIIT which are available for 7 days after the live class for you to complete whenever your schedule allows. Please discuss giving the classes a go with me as I'd really love you to use the next eight weeks as a way of phasing yourself back into classes. You can read more about the virtual membership here.

    If you have not yet completed the RETURN TO FITNESS SURVEY please do so as soon as possible as it really helps me to plan our return based on what the majority of members want.

    I have found the transition from teaching in person to online a challenge but enjoyable at the same time. I've had regular emotional breakdowns about the uncertainty of what the future holds for Fitness Quest and my fellow community fitness instructors. I've missed the interactivity and naughty corners a real class offers up each and every week. I have also worked hard to adapt what I can offer based on member feedback, at times not knowing if it would work. I therefore believe wholeheartedly that by working together, we CAN get back to achieving amazing community fitness classes.

    I'm beyond grateful for all of the support you've all shown me so far, but the journey to recovery is far from over. I appreciate your patience over the next couple of months, as plans are bound to change. Even once we make it back we can't guarantee that there won't be any further local lockdowns. Therefore I would ask that you all remain open minded to giving online options a go in case of a "plan B" scenario. Fingers crossed it's smooth sailing once we're back!

    If anyone would like to discuss anything, from barriers to joining us online, worries about returning to in person classes or just to touch base please send me an email. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, I may be a little slow to reply as I've taken on some hours with the uni to help pay some bills!

    Thanks again and I can't wait to see you all really soon!


    Monday, 6 July 2020

    Fitness Quest Membership - Four weeks begin 20th July


    The next four week Fitness Quest Membership starts on Monday 20th July and ends on Sunday 16th August.

    How much?

    It's £25 for the four weeks, no commitment to sign up again after it ends.

    What is it?

    I've been adapting the membership slightly since we began lockdown, taking member feedback into consideration. Along with a support network, and priority access to in person classes (when they are allowed to return), the membership provides the following:
    • Unlimited access to the live class timetable, brought to you via Zoom (see timetable below).
    • Catch up with HIIT and Boxercise HIIT for up to 7 days after the live class, at a time convenient to you.
    • On demand access to a 40-45 minute PiYo session, one routine added to the library per week starting 6th July, these sessions can be accessed as often as you want, to do whenever you can.
    • On demand access to short stretch routines. As with PiYo, these are added to a library, you can choose which session to do, whenever you wish. These are simple yet effective stretches which focus on the most common stiff areas such as hips, lower back and shoulders.
    • Workout of the week (WOW). This is a weekly workout for those who fancy an extra challenge and something to do in their own time. You can adapt and modify the workout depending on your fitness level and available equipment.
    • Access to a private Facebook group where other tips and challenges are provided, also forming the main platform for our support network.
    • Potential for small in person fitness groups on private, outside land only (such as gardens). Social distancing must be maintained and the member who wishes to host the session must arrange with the other members and agree a suitable time with myself. If social distancing rules are broken, these sessions will no longer be offered.
    • A 20% discount on any further virtual Fitness Quest services such as exercise programming.

    If you would like to book a place for the block starting on 20th July, please email info@fitnessquest.co.uk

    Thanks again for all of your continued support, it's very much appreciated during these tough times!


    Thursday, 2 July 2020

    Keeping in touch - Lockdown updates

    Hi everyone, unfortunately I don't have much to update you on, apart from a couple of minor changes and to remind you of some really important topics which you may or may not already be aware of.

    Returning to Fitness

    I hope you're all managing ok and that you are slowly able to make that transition into the new normal. There are a few industries still waiting on clearance from the government to reopen, sadly Fitness Quest falls into that bracket. I've had a few members ask about running outdoor classes as they've seen others being held... Government guidance only allows for a maximum of six people, including the instructor to take part in fitness classes, even outside whilst adhering to social distancing. BCP council also requires trainers to have a license to operate classes on their land, most instructors don't have this. Without this license or if classes are being held in groups larger than 6, the instructors insurance is not valid. Finally, we all know how temperamental the British weather is, unless I'm able to run classes in all weather, it's not viable for me to replace the virtual classes at this stage. This is one of the reasons I asked members to complete a return to fitness survey, as it really helps me to plan how I can cater for as many people as possible. If you haven't yet filled this in I would really appreciate you doing so.

    I have also outlined some Return to Fitness Policies of which I would be grateful for you to read, I don't know how much these will change before we return but these would be valid and put into place should we be allowed back tomorrow. The policies include government guidelines, Fitness Quest rules and consideration for venue providers (although I'm still waiting to receive their full T&C's).

    Personal Training

    1-2-1 and 1-2-2 personal training in person has now restarted. This can be on private outdoor land (such as a garden) with up to two clients from the same or different households, or inside a private residence with up to two clients from the same household. Full conditions are outlined in the Return to Fitness Policies. Virtual personal training is still offered and will now be a permanent Fitness Quest service.

    Virtual Memberships

    I was really hoping that our fourth online block would be the final one before we were allowed to start back with some in person classes, however, with no relaxation on gatherings (maximum of 6 from different households) and no communication from my venue hire providers, I'm going ahead with offering a fifth block of virtual membership, commencing on Monday 20th July and ending on Sunday 16th August. It may be that within that block some face to face classes are offered, but this depends on various factors all falling in our favour.

    You can read about everything that's included in the Fitness Quest Virtual Membership here. As a quick recap though, this is what's on offer:

    • Six live classes each week (Kettlercise, HIIT, Stretch and Strength, Sculpt and Burn, Boxercise HIIT and Flexi Friday)
    • Catch up if you miss HIIT, Boxercise HIIT or Flexi Friday classes. These are available for you to do anytime you want, for up to 7 days after the live class
    • On demand stretch routines - I've recorded lots of routines for you to do and repeat whenever you need them, there is no time limit on these
    • Access to two brilliant formats on demand called SH1FT (HIIT based) and L1FT (weights based) for you to complete whenever you want
    • Workout of the Week - A tough exercise challenge for you to do in your own time
    • Technique challenges
    • Support network
    Thank You

    I know I keep saying it, but I really do appreciate all the support I've received over the past few months and going forward.Whilst the virtual memberships have helped to keep the business costs covered, I've now reached the point where I need to accept work elsewhere. Most of you know I also work for the University, now they are phasing a return to the office I have accepted some shifts just to help with my personal finances. Please be patient with me if I take a little longer than usual to reply to any messages. Please also be assured that running Fitness Quest is my priority and I will maintain high standards of service.

    Finally, I'd like to say that we're still on this strange journey together. Some of you have already returned to the office, some of you have been key workers throughout, others are still shielding whilst some have apprehensively sent their kids back to school. Whatever your situation at present, it's completely normal to be lacking motivation. Some of you have been absent from classes and I just wanted to reach out, often we just need a gentle kick up the bum to get things moving, but sometimes the reasons run deeper. Please remember that I'm here to help, if you are struggling financially or need more than a kick up the bum please reach out to me and I'll do my best to help.

    Stay safe.