Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Fitness Quest Covid-19 return to business policy

All members are required to read, understand and adhere to the following Covid-19 policies. This document is amended from the original policies set out after lockdown 1.0.

Fitness Classes

To ensure the safety of all class participants, Fitness Quest staff and other users of the venue, strict Covid-19 policies are required. These policies are outlined below and are subject so change in line with government, venue and Fitness Quest guidelines.


This policy was last updated on 16th June 2021.

1.0 - Member responsibility to minimise the spread of Covid-19:

1.1 - If a member is required to self isolate according to government guidelines, they are not permitted to attend class until their 10 day self isolation period has ended and they are no longer testing positive or displaying symptoms of Covid-19. 

1.2 - All members will be required to complete an online sign in for each class which will open 48 hours before the start of each class. This will act as your sign in for class and will be the method of retaining your contact details for 21 days in accordance with the track and trace system. This will also act as a disclaimer that you are not suffering from any Covid-19 symptoms, have had contact with anyone displaying symptoms/are shielding, are awaiting test results and agree not to attend class if these details change. 

1.3 - All members will be required to complete an updated PAR-Q before returning to classes, this will last 12 months or unless any of the participant answers change.

1.4 - Face coverings SHOULD be worn when entering and leaving the hall but WILL NOT be required when exercising. Please do not remove your face covering until exercise begins.

1.5 - Members who live with a person who is shielding or is deemed vulnerable attend at their own risk.

1.6 - Each member is expected to take responsibility for their participation in each session, this includes using hand sanitiser after touching surfaces.

1.7 - Upon return to class members will be required to maintain 2m distance from other members, at all times unless they are in the same household bubble.

1.8 - Members are not to have any physical contact with any other person whilst participating in class (including hugs, high fives, fist bumps).

1.9 - Hand sanitiser is provided and should be used upon entry. 

1.10 - Windows and doors will be open where possible to aid ventilation. 

1.11 - No equipment sharing between participants, therefore some classes such as Kettlercise will require you to bring your own kettlebell. 

1.12 - If you arrive at your class early, please wait in your car or away from the entrance until the class start time to ensure social distancing can be achieved.

1.13 - Should a member need to move around the hall (e.g. to access toilet) they must maintain 2m distance from any other member and where their face covering.

1.14 - Toilets are not to be used as a changing facility, all members should arrive dressed ready for participation.

1.15 - Water and kitchen facilities will not be available, please ensure you bring your own water.

2.0  - Fitness Quest responsibility to minimise the spread of Covid-19

2.1 - Fitness Quest reserves the right to end a session, or remove participants if any Covid-19 concerns arise.

2.2 - A minimum of 10 minutes between each class will be maintained to allow for cleaning of touch points and safe switch over of participants.  

2.3 - To ensure adequate cleaning and change over time between classes, one hour classes will now be 55 minutes and other class start/end times may be slightly amended, these can be found on the class pages of this website.

2.4 - The class capacity has been detailed in the Fitness Quest Risk Assessment for each venue. This is based on government guidelines.

2.5 - First Aid protocols are outlined here.

2.6 - Music volume will be reduced to a minimum to ensure there is no need to raise voices.

2.7 - The NHS Test and Trace QR code will be displayed at each class (as of 24th September 2020).

2.8 - No class formats requiring close contact (Boxercise) will be scheduled until government regulations permit these activities.

2.9 - Fitness Quest staff are taking regular lateral flow tests and will cancel classes and begin self isolation should any test return a positive result.


3.0 - Booking onto a class

3.1 - All outstanding sessions, booked and paid in full before any lockdown will resume once the government permits fitness classes to be held. 

3.2 - Due to limited availability, all classes will need to be booked and paid for in advance. There will currently be no pay as you go classes or early bird promotions available due to lower class numbers and ensuring classes can be financially viable to run. To book onto a course, please contact info@fitnessquest.co.uk

3.3 - No refunds or transfers are available should the member change their mind about attending (see next section for cancelled classes).

3.4 - Once you have paid for a block of classes, you will still be required to complete a weekly sign in, without completing this each week you will not be permitted to enter the class venue.

3.5 - No cash payment will be accepted until further notice. All classes should be pre-booked and paid for in advance. Failure to book may result in you being turned away. 

4.0 - Future lockdowns

4.1 - In the event of further national, local or school lockdowns classes may need to be cancelled at short notice. 

4.2 - As soon as it becomes possible to return to the venue, Fitness Quest in person classes will resume and no paid sessions will be lost due to lockdown closures, these will automatically be carried forward.

Personal Training

Sessions must adhere to 2m social distancing by all parties. Government guidelines can be found here. Fitness Quest will only be offering personal training sessions for a maximum of two people at this time. Indoor personal training is permitted in private households only, clients from the same household may participate in the sessions. Outdoor sessions should still be the preferred option where possible, however indoor sessions or online sessions can be arranged if the weather is wet. 

It is advised that minimum equipment should be used and cleaned between uses. To minimise risk further, Fitness Quest will not currently be using equipment unless it belongs to the client. It is still advised the equipment used is cleaned thoroughly after each use. Basic hygiene measures should be adhered to by all parties, including washing of hands before and after each session and avoid touching the face whilst exercising. Face masks are NOT mandatory. First Aid protocols are outlined here.

It is the responsibility of each client to inform Fitness Quest if they have suffered from any of the Covid-19 symptoms within the past 10 days, have tested positive or are waiting for test results regardless of symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has displayed symptoms or tested positive. Sessions cannot go ahead if any party is showing symptoms or lives with a person who is shielding or is deemed vulnerable. Fitness Quest reserves the right to end a session if any Covid-19 concerns arise.

Thank you for your support and patience.


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