Tuesday, 5 July 2016

HIIT vs Bootcamp - Changes for September!

What is it?

HIIT vs Bootcamp has been a popular addition to the Fitness Quest timetable since 2014 - Acting as a super fat burning start to the weekend!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), has seen a massive boost in popularity over the recent years, with all of the fitness magazines promoting their own versions, along with celebs and their personal trainers and loads of YouTube videos going viral.

HIIT is one of the most effective fat burning exercises out there, not only because of the intensity of your workout, but the fact it raises your metabolism so you continue to burn extra calories for up to 24 hours post workout too! HIIT sessions can also be completed without any equipment (think jogging on the spot and star jumps) and can last as little as 10 minutes.

Who can do it?

The beauty of HIIT, is that anyone can do it. The idea is that you work to around 80% of your maximum level, and that means everyone will look different doing the same exercise, and that's absolutely fine. Whilst sprinting on the spot might feel like 80% max effort for one person, another person might find that a slow march gets them sweaty and out of breath.

How do I currently run the classes?

Currently, I combine my HIIT and Bootcamp sessions, as I feel they compliment each other well. The HIIT is the fat burning, cardio heavy part of the class whilst bootcamp is the more fun, toning and team challenge half. HIIT is easily modified to suit any level of fitness as I offer various versions of exercises, both non impact and impact (and high impact for the super fit). There's always a short break between HIIT and bootcamp, and then a fun rewarm before we get started again, Each week the HIIT exercises and bootcamp plans are completely different, so you're always kept guessing.

I also include the use of the body composition scales on the first and last week of each course, so you can keep track of your fat & muscle percentage as well as lots of other stats, click here for more information on composition testing.

How's it changing?

I intend to keep both classes running on my Saturday morning slot (10:30am-12pm) but to open up HIIT as a stand alone class for those who want:

A) To finish by 11:15am on a Saturday
B) Don't feel they're ready to take part in bootcamp (see below)

By offering HIIT as a stand alone option, I hope more of you will be tempted to give it a go, without the added pressure of a tough bootcamp straight after! The HIIT class will run from 10:30am-11:15am and six weeks will cost £30. Places must be booked in advance.

What about Bootcamp?

As of September, my aim is to make Bootcamp a little more challenging, a bit more in keeping with what a great bootcamp should be... Lots of equipment to play with, team challenges, technique drills etc. Think superhuman vs crossfit WOD's! Due to this, bootcamp will not be available as a stand alone option, as you will need to be warm from the HIIT class to be able to participate. The cost of a six week HIIT vs Bootcamp course will REMAIN at the CURRENT price of just £40. Composition testing will also remain as an added bonus.

Can I do Bootcamp?

Currently, bootcamp is suitable for all fitness levels, due to the modifications I offer. From September I would recommend the bootcamp part of this class to those with average to good fitness levels, modifications will still be available and will include:
  • Half press ups instead of full press ups
  • Stepping burpees instead of jumping them
  • Smaller box jumps
  • Lighter weights
In keeping with the tougher plans I have for bootcamp, I would expect you to modify, but at least attempt the modified option available. You may also be working as a part of a team/partnership.

If you are new to classes and currently unsure of your fitness levels, you could just do HIIT for the first course, improve your fitness and aim to join bootcamp on your second course.

If you have any medical conditions or injuries, please speak to your doctor and myself before signing up.

Why am I changing the format?

Firstly to freshen the class up a bit, the old format has worked well for over two years but it's time to progress the class and move on to new challenges.

Secondly, it opens the HIIT part of this class up to more people, which I truly believe is an invaluable exercise class for people of all fitness levels, one which is also incredibly effective at fat burning and improving fitness. The bootcamp part of this class has often scared people off, as has the later finish time.

Finally, it gives bootcamp the potential to be a really tough class. I competed at the Superhuman games this year and loved it. Bootcamp is a great class for me to be able to bring some of this training straight to you. We're attending Superhuman in Bristol next year and we're taking a Fitness Quest team. Anyone who's interested in pushing their physical boundaries will find this class a great addition to their exercise routine, especially those in training for next years games! If you're interested in taking part with us next year you can read more about our experience here. We're also running a one off, free Superhuman style training day on Saturday 23rd July, so you can come along and test out some of the exercises. If you're interested in attended our Fitness Quest Games, please register here.

Course dates

I'm hoping to find a new venue in September to run the classes, if you're interested please email me: info@fitnessquest.co.uk and I'll keep you informed with any updates.

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