Friday, 26 August 2016

Important Updates - September 2016

I trust you've all had a good Summer and are all now feeling ready to get back into a routine? As some of you are already aware, this also affects me a lot as of September as I'm taking the plunge and heading back into full time education! This decision shouldn't effect classes though, and I'll update you all along the way if anything does change.

You all know how much I value qualified professionals, especially working in the health and fitness industry where hiring someone who is unqualified, uninsured etc could end up quite literally costing you your life! This is why I pride myself in being qualified in everything I bring to you, combine that with 11 years of running my own fitness business and having big dreams to fulfil, I've decided that I would like to expand my business by working towards becoming a registered nutritionist, something which I can only do by taking the path to university! It's a scary and exciting time, but I'm determined that I can grow my passion, and absolute belief that nutrition not only works along side fitness, but can also be a life saver on its own merit.

Although classes are likely to remain unchanged, I will be working a reduced schedule with personal training clients, so if you do wish to book in sessions with me, please do so ASAP.

Price Increase

Certain classes have however seen a reduction in numbers over the Summer months, which is entirely normal, and hopefully just a blip whilst everyone has been enjoying the warm evenings, but with this in mind, and factoring in my current situation, hall hire, licences, insurance and other fee increases I've made the tough decision to increase the cost of both of the 30 minute INSANITY classes to £3.50 (up from £3). This price increase, still keeps the overall prices extremely competitive and I hope you'll understand, especially since this is my first price increase since starting classes in 2008! The price increase will take effect as of Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th September. All other class prices remain unchanged.

Class Viability

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who've supported me over the years and continue to do so. Leading on from the above regarding price increases and class numbers, I will be assessing the viability of ALL classes towards the end of the year, and should any classes not have sufficient numbers to continue to run, then I will have to seriously consider removing them from my timetable. Please, please, please, if you would like these classes to continue, try to attend class where possible, and if you cant, please help me by spreading the word, each and every one of you make a huge difference to me. In particular, the Tuesday evening INSANITY at 8:15pm-8:45pm needs more feet through the door!

£10 Credit Offer

As a thank you for introducing a new person along to either one of my courses (Boxercise, Kettlercise, PiYo), or purchasing a class pass, you'll receive a £10 credit from me, to be used with any Fitness Quest service, including Personal Training, Courses, Class Passes or Pay as You Go Classes. Please make sure your referral gives me your name so I can action your credit. The September & October Class Timetable has just been released, so be sure to have a browse and forward to some friends/family/colleagues. Click Here to view the timetableOffer to be claimed & credit redeemed by the end of 2016.

More News

In addition to the above, I'm also working on some other "housekeeping". If you haven't filled in a screening form within the past 12 months, and are still actively attending classes, I will require you to fill one in again, this is to ensure your safety at class and give you the opportunity to update your medical and emergency contact details, both of which are paramount in the rare occurrence you require medical attention. I'll be asking class attendees to complete these starting in September, so there's no need to contact me about this in advance, just giving you a heads up.

I also hope to introduce a couple of new services, one will be wellness based, a good old MOT style consultation with me, and I will also be offering very few, all inclusive packages, the "Platinum" of the Fitness Quest Membership options. If you think either of these sound intriguing, let me know by sending me an email:

Moving Forward

Finally, I just want to clarify, that my decisions are in no way a winding down of the business, I just need to be sensible regarding my life/work/study/finance balance. My long term goal is to expand Fitness Quest MASSIVELY, something I morally only feel right doing having the relevant qualifications in place. So for the next few years, I'll be a student, still running my own business, and still dreaming of the big things that are just around the corner for me, and YOU... You guys are ultimately the reason I am doing this.

Thank you for your continued support, words cannot describe how much that means to me.

Dream big people, there are no limits!


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