Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What Exactly is Boxercise?

I’ve been teaching Boxercise since 2008 and decided to go down this route because I used to love Kickboxing when I participated in classes. The fighting aspect of kickboxing never really appealed to me, but I loved the training from a fitness point of view.

So, when I looked into what boxing based qualifications would work well for me as a personal trainer venturing into group training, there was no doubt in my mind that the only option was to sign up with Boxercise for an instructor training course! Boxercise is a trademarked brand and just to give you a little background of the company, this snippet has been taken from their website:

“Boxercise began in the UK in 1992 based upon training principles that have existed for over two hundred years. Boxercise has developed and adapted age old training principles to form a fun, addictive, safe, stress busting workout suitable for all ages and levels of ability.”

I always get asked by people, what exactly is Boxercise, and what does it involve? Here are some of the common questions.

      Q) Can anyone teach Boxercise?

      A) No. Boxercise is a trademark and you have to be qualified to teach it. To check an instructors                    
      credentials, run a search on their website.

            Q) What do you hit at Boxercise?

A) You hit specially designed targets called focus pads. The focus pads are worn by a partner, on their hands so you never actually make contact with another person but hitting focus pads gives a good resistance workout and it’s also part of a professional boxers training regime.

Q) Is Boxercise taught to the beat of music?

A) Not in my class. Although I am also an Aerobics instructor, my Boxercise classes do not involve punching to the beat of music but by completing a certain number of reps, timed punches, challenges or freestyle punches.

Q) I’m not very fit, is it suitable for beginners?

A) Absolutely! The great thing with Boxing based exercises is that it gets tougher the harder you punch. Most beginners take it easy on the pads whilst improving their technique but as soon as you start finding it easier, you can begin to punch harder and faster!

Q) Do I need my own gloves and wraps?

A) If you are signing up to one of my 8 week courses then gloves and wraps for you to keep are included in the price. If you are coming along to my pay as you go class then there are some gloves available at the venue but it is suggested that if you enjoy the class you do purchase your own pair of gloves and preferably wraps too (these can both be purchased from me).

Q) What does the class involve?

A) Each Boxercise instructor teaches their classes differently; my classes vary each week but will always include a warm up, circuits, the main boxing element and finally stretching at the end.

Q) What do I wear and bring with me?

A) Wear comfortable workout clothing and a good pair of trainers. Also bring with you plenty of water, gloves and wraps if you have them and a towel if you need one.

Further to the above, since 2008 I have taught a variety of participants, from 16 year olds to 70 year olds, men and women, fitness newbies to marathon runners and those who take part love the classes and can push their comfort levels to ensure they get a great workout. It really is a great all round class that isn’t just exercise, it’s a hobby! Finding something you enjoy doing is key to improving your fitness and achieving a healthy lifestyle!

The Key Benefits to Boxercise are:

  • It burns around 800 calories per session
  • Gives you an all round workout
  • Suitable for all ages (my classes are 16+)
  • Popular with both men and women
  • Tone up the wobbly bits
  • Get super fit
  • Improve hand eye coordination
  • Increase strength
  • It’s a great stress buster
  • It’s fun!

Boxercise really is a great workout, it uses the principles and exercises that boxers use to get super fit but has been adapted to ensure your session is safe. It’s fun, it burns around 800 calories per session and it’s suitable for everyone.

If you’d like to come along to one of my classes please get in touch. My next 8 week course begins on Tuesday 27th May, 7pm at Muscliff Primary School and places must be booked in advance. 

For more information or to book a place please contact or 07791 605150

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