Thursday, 16 May 2013

Show me what you're made of!

You can now get body composition testing by signing up to any of my six or eight week courses. The testing is also available for personal training clients who block book and as an additional service which costs £15 for a home visit*, and also includes your inch measurements and peak flow reading. 

The idea of body composition testing is that it gives you an idea of what your body is made up of, and with a healthy diet and fitness programme you should see a significant improvement at each screening. I use professional scales to take a measurement of the following, giving you an accurate indication of how healthy you are:

Your weight will vary from one set of scales to another. Please don’t worry if your weight is more or less than your scales at home. Weight also fluctuates throughout the day.

Fat %:
The amount of your body that consists of fat. An acceptable range for women is between 25-31% and for men it’s 18-25%.

Muscle Mass:
The amount of your body that consists of muscle.

Total body water % should show 45-60% for women and 50-65% for men. If yours reads lower than this, it indicates that you are not keeping your body hydrated enough.

The minimum level of energy the body needs when at rest to function effectively. It is affected by the amount of muscle in the body as that helps us to burn more calories.

Body Mass Index – Your weight in kg against your height to give you an indication of whether you are a healthy weight for your height. Aim for between 20-25, although if you regularly lift weights and have a high muscle mass, this will not be an accurate measurement.

Metabolic Age:
This combines all figures to indicate how good your metabolism is. If this is higher than your actual age, try to drink more water, burn more calories to reduce fat cells and retain or build muscle.

Visceral Fat Rating:
How much fat you are storing between your muscles and organs. This is the more dangerous type of fat and try to aim for a figure of below 13.

At each screening you also get an automatic print out of the key measurements listed above, as well as some extras including bone density.

It's a great motivational tool and a fantastic way to prove all your hard work is paying off!

Don't be upset if your first readings aren't what you'd hoped for, keep working towards a healthy lifestyle and the results will soon start to show.

To find out more or to book your place on one of the eligible courses, personal training or a one off screening session please send me an email or call 07791 605150. Further information on classes can be found above by clicking on the relevant tab.

*Please note that visits more than 5 miles from Castlepoint will incur a £5 charge.

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