Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer 2013 Classes & Courses!

I've added a couple of courses to my Summer 2013 programme, if you'd like to join in please let me know ASAP. I asked around my current members whether they'd like to see another HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) course or Boot Camp, and they pretty much came out 50/50. Please see below for further details.

The body composition scales are available on the first and last week of each of these courses, please arrive early if you wish to use them.


If you cant make Saturdays I would really recommend my Tuesday evening Boxercise course; it's 8 weeks long, each session is one hour, starting at 7pm. The next course starts on Tuesday 23rd July at Muscliff School. Places must be booked in advance, the fee is £60 for 8 weeks and this includes your own pair of gloves and wraps to keep. Boxercise is a great all round workout that is fun and helps to reduce stress. Popular with men and women of all ages and fitness abilities. It burns around 800 calories per hour by combining a warm up, circuit style stations and pad work.


High intensity interval training is ideal if you'd like to achieve maximum calorie burn in minimal time. Each session lasts 45 minutes but the hard work only lasts a total of between 3 and 6 minutes! Broken down into periods of intense exercise and rest, the session challenges your energy system to work harder, creating more calorie burn during and well after your workout! I give levels 1-3 so the class is suitable for all fitness levels, the idea is you work to your own level and not the person next to you.

I have two courses planned:

Course One: Starts Saturday 17th August, 10am at Epiphany School. Please note that this course is only four weeks long so there is a reduction from the usual fee to £15. Payment will secure your place.

Course Two: Starts Saturday 28th September, 11am at Epiphany School. This course is the full six weeks and the fee is £25. Payment will secure your place.


Boot camp combines all types of different exercises, from team challenges, circuits, cardio workouts, weight workouts, rope workouts and so much more. Great for burning calories, increasing fitness and muscle mass. Great fun too.

I currently have one course planned:

Starts Saturday 17th August, 11am at Epiphany School. This course is four weeks long and the fee is £15. Payment will secure your place.


Some of you can't commit to a course over the Summer months, but have no fear, pay as you go classes are available. They include Aerobics on a Monday morning, Tuesday Morning and Wednesday evening, Bokwa on a Wednesday Evening and Boxercise on a Friday evening, for more information please click on the relevant tab above.


Please note that there will be no classes on the following dates:


Monday 29th July, Monday 5th August, Monday 26th August, Monday 16th September


Wednesday 11th September, Wednesday 18th September


Friday 2nd August, Friday 9th August, Friday 13th September.


If you cant make it to class, try to keep nice and active with your family and friends,walking, bike rides, outdoor games and maybe a nice swim somewhere exotic (if you're lucky). Remember though to take on board plenty of water, and fresh fruit, veg and salad to keep you well hydrated. Hopefully I'll see you all soon, and enjoy this sunshine while it lasts :-)

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