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What is PiYo?

What is PiYo?

PiYo is a group fitness class inspired by Pilates and Yoga. It's a full body workout designed to improve your strength and flexibility. Although inspired by Pilates and Yoga, forget everything you know about these techniques... PiYo is a whole new format in it's own right. I've never taught anything quite like it, you can certainly feel it challenging your muscles in ways you've never felt them work before! Putting together our PiYo poses, we are constantly flowing from one move to another, ensuring you don't stay still. This makes PiYo not only great for strength and flexibility but also calorie burn (there will be lots of sweat)!

During a PiYo live class, we'll complete a series of tracks such as a warm up, heat building, lower body, full body fusion etc. All of these tracks are done to an upbeat soundtrack, so no whale music, as lovely as it is ;-) It's all low impact (with the option to add in a few jumps), and involves no weights, just your own body.

Here's a video, please watch it as it'll give you a really good idea of what's involved:

When will the classes start?

I've decided to run my PiYo class as a 6 week course, starting on Friday 17th July, 6:30pm at Epiphany School, BH9 3PE. I'm hoping running this course will allow me to gauge the popularity of the programme, and whether or not a timetable change is in order to accommodate PiYo on another night. The course will cost £40, this includes your own foam roller. If you already have a foam roller please let me know. Please email to book your place.

The 6 week course will comprise of a 40-45 minute PiYo class, followed by 15 minutes of foam rolling and stretching to further improve our flexibility. By running the classes this way, should you need to leave after PiYo, you can do, however I would strongly advise you staying for the foam rolling as it's really beneficial.


Since becoming a certified PiYo live instructor on 24th May, there's been a lot of interest in the class, but also a few questions, of which I hope you'll find the answers below. If you have any more questions please get in touch.

Can I do PiYo if I have weak wrists and knees?

If you have watch the video above, you'll notice that we aim to do a lot of moves on our wrists and knees and also quite a lot of squats and lunges. If you have any medical conditions such as arthritis or a previous injury that causes pain, then I'd advise you to ask your GP about the suitability of a Pilates/Yoga inspired class. However, if your GP has advise that it is a flexibility or strength issue causing the weakness then PiYo could be great as that's what the class aims to improve. Modifications are availably, and you only do what you can, resting as often as you need. The idea being you'll see yourself improve week after week. Just remember that as with any exercise programme, it takes time to get used to and not to push too hard too soon. Should you develop any pains during the class please let me know.

Am I too old/unfit for PiYo?

As with the previous answer, watch the video and bear in mind that modifications are available. Saying that, the class is quite fast paced, and unlike Kettlercise and Insanity where I show you the exercise, then the modification, then walk the room correcting technique, I will also be doing the workout with you. As the weeks go by, we will be progressing. It will be up to you if you wish to progress with me, or whether you prefer sticking to the previous weeks work load. I honestly don't mind if you have to do something different if you cant do a particular exercise - It's your workout, enjoy it. However YOU must be ok with the fact you are modifying and you don't look the same to the person in front of you, just like they wont look the same as their neighbour, and so on. If at any point you need a drink break or to sit back into "childs pose" (or rest stretch), that is also fine. Remember:

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

I've tried Pilates/Yoga and found it too boring, will I enjoy PiYo?

Hopefully! The only way to find out for sure is to try it! The creator of PiYo, Charlene Johnson, came up with the idea because she also found traditional classes boring and wanted something that flowed, but still worked all the key muscle groups.

What will I need to bring?

For the course starting in July, you'll need your foam roller (included in course price), a Yoga mat (the school mats are too bulky), a towel and some water. You should be wearing comfortable exercise clothing, preferably tight bottoms as flappy bits get annoying, and barefoot training is recommended although not compulsory. Not likely to be an issue over summer months but you may wish to bring a jumper with you for the cool down/foam rolling in case you get cold.

Will you be starting PiYo on another day as I can't do Fridays?

My timetable is currently full Monday-Thursday so it really depends on the success and feedback I achieve from the Friday class.

How many calories will I burn?

This is specific to you; your metabolism, your effort level at class etc. Beachbody have stated that PiYo can burn as many calories as an INSANITY class... Up to 1000 per hour. So rest assured that you'll get a great workout regardless of how many calories you actually burn.

Do I need good co-ordination?

No. I don't expect any of you to go away masters of PiYo after one week. The routine will stay the same for the entire course, so you know what to expect, you can improve each week.

What's the minimum age and can my children come and watch?

The minimum age for PiYo is 18. Unfortunately children cannot watch due to health and safety.

I'm in! Remind me when, where and how much?

Six week course starting:

Friday 17th July 6:30pm-7:30pm
Epiphany Primary School
£40 (including foam roller)
Booking requires payment in full, please email to book

I'm so excited to be bringing this programme to you, if you have any further questions please get in touch.

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