Monday, 23 November 2015

Have you lost your Mojo? Plus loads of offers to help you find it!

It's that time of year again where all most of us really want to do is wrap up warm in the evenings and consume a silly amount of festive food and drink well before the Christmas season has started and watching Christmas movies far in advance of what should be allowed!

Who still wants to go out for a run, go swimming, or make the effort to get to a class when it's so cold outside?

As both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor it's around this time every year that I start hearing excuses or just the honest truth that they don't feel much up to working out (lost mojo) and will start again in the New Year. And every New Year I hear the same thing... "I wish I didn't take ALL that time off before Christmas"!

What you really need right now if you've lost your mojo is a good kick up the bum! Ask yourself why you first started your workouts, and how far you've come since, remind yourself that exercise makes you feel so much happier and gives you loads more energy, don't give in to the duvet calling your name. Get out, enjoy this whole season, with friends, family, good food, but also exercise.

Why you should exercise this Christmas:

1) Exercise makes you happy! It releases endorphins and also makes you feel a sense of achievement, especially when you really had to drag yourself out of the door.

2) It keeps your metabolism higher - We all know what that means, burning more calories and it could be the difference between feeling guilty over that extra mince pie or not. Keep hold of that wonderful muscle mass you've been working so hard for!

3) You'll get back to full fitness quicker. A reduced exercise schedule over the festive season will of course see a drop in your overall fitness, but the more often you can remain active and the less time you book off will play a big part in how quickly you can get back on it in January. Keep pushing hard between now and Christmas and there's no reason you can't even start 2016 fitter than you are now!

4) It helps you to eat healthier. For most people, when they exercise they don't crave unhealthy food, and if they do not as much as if they were inactive. You'll find by keeping active this Christmas, you won't be reaching for as much of the naughty foods on offer, your mind and body work together to ensure you don't undo all of the hard work. A sluggish body gives you a sluggish mind, which in turn leads to a rubbish diet for quick pick me ups, which takes us straight back to a sluggish body, and mind and so on! Break the cycle and keep moving!

5) It sets good examples and you become someone's role model! Think of all the people you have contact with over Christmas, work colleagues, family, friends, your children... Let them be inspired by the fact you enjoy keeping active and without boring them, show them how amazing it makes you feel/look. You could be the reason they decide to make 2016 their healthiest yet!

6) It's a great stress buster and gives you some time out! Yes, you! Use the exercise to claim some much deserved time away from the things that stress you out. Not only do you get some "me time" but those endorphins are back, and make you feel so much less like the world is on your shoulders. Christmas is a super stressful time, so this reason is REALLY important!

So what can you do about it, after all you really have lost your mojo?

My best advice to you would be:

1) Just go, worry about it later, chances are you wont worry because you'll be having a super human moment.

2) Rope some friends into coming with you so you can't get out of it.

3) Don't reach for that chocolate bar mid/late afternoon, instead tell yourself if you get to class you can have it after, more often than not you'll get to class and then not want it after!

4) If you're worried your fitness has taken a bit of a nose dive lately, don't worry, you're not the only one. Come along and just take it easy, coming along and having an easier session is still better than wrapping up in the duvet for a night in front of the box...

5) Book and pay for your class in advance - You're much more likely to turn up if sitting at home means wasting money instead. Quite often people will walk into class cold and miserable but by the time they leave they're all sweaty with a massive smile beaming across their faces :-D

Special Offers to help keep you on track:

1) 20% off all January courses when you pay by 23:59 on Saturday 28th November 2015.
2) Attend the Taster Day to try out most of my classes and find your mojo, just £7 for the day. click here to book.
3) Purchase a class pass on 28th November to receive a 15% discount. The pass is valid for 10 pay as you go classes, and has a 12 week expiry (not including cancelled Christmas dates).
4) Attend 4 or more pay as you go classes before 17th December 2015 to claim a free pay as you go class in January 2016.
5) Sign a newbie up to any January course to claim a 50% discount for yourself OR sign up two newbies to claim a FREE course for yourself (you can even send them to the taster day first).
6) Purchase 5 x 60 minute Personal Training Sessions (off peak, between 9am-3pm weekdays) for just £100, or train with a friend for £150. 
7) More giveaways coming in December via the Facebook page, click here to "visit".

To view the full December/January timetable please click here.

The final thing I have to say is that the door to my classes is always open. Please never feel ashamed or intimidated about joining or returning to me. I love that a wide variety of ages and fitness abilities choose my classes, and I always do my best to offer up alternative exercises to ensure everyone feels comfortable and will always try to support each and every one of you with any questions or concerns you may have. I know some of you have had to take time off, please know that I'd love to see you back, and it's never too late. If I don't see you before, I hope you have a very happy and active Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in 2016 ;-)

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