Personal Training

12 week training programme:

My 12 week programme will be designed to best suit your current abilities and the goals you wish to achieve. I am a mobile trainer and therefore bring the gym to you. I have a wide variety of exercise equipment from Olympic lifting bars to kettlebells and boxing equipment! The sessions planned can involve anything from HIIT style exercises, mobility and flexibility work, kettlebells and other weights, core work, a quick run around the block, and a variety of fun fitness challenges and tests. Each session is tailored individually to YOU. No other client will have the same session and I will work closely with you to ensure you get the most effective session whilst still having fun.

The programme will include a 60 minute consultation, with follow up measurements taken after weeks 4, 8 and 12 to check your progress. Basic nutritional guidance and support will also be provided. ALL SESSIONS ARE TO BE USED WITHIN 15 WEEKS OF TAKING YOUR FIRST SESSION - This is to ensure your commitment to the plan and will provide you with the best results. All training programmes are non refundable and non transferrable.

12 week package:
  • One session per week = £360 (£30 per session)
  • Two sessions per week = £672 (£28 per session)
  • Three sessions per week = £936 (£26 per session)
Purchase of the training programme requires payment in full. It is recommended you arrange a regular time each week for your training sessions but days and times can be flexible to suit around your commitments, please discuss your availability when you first get in touch. 

Prices are available on request for joint sessions with a friend or partner, although it is advised you both have similar fitness abilities and goals.

*Please note that visits more than 5 miles from Castlepoint will incur a £5 charge. This charge is added after any special offers are applied.

All personal training cancellations require at least 24 hours notice. Any sessions cancelled within 24 hours cannot be rescheduled.

Composition Testing

You can now get body composition testing by signing up to any of my courses. The testing is also available for personal training clients who block book and as an additional service which costs £15 for a home visit*, and also includes your inch measurements and peak flow reading.

*Please note that visits more than 5 miles from Castlepoint will incur a £5 charge.

More information about body composition testing can be found here.

Composition testing is not currently available during Covid-19 social distancing measures.

Online Memberships (during Covid-19 lockdown)

  • 8 week course including gloves and wraps = £68 (early bird is £60) per person OR £48 (early bird is £40) to rejoin
Sculpt and Burn: 
  • Eight week course is £48 (early bird is £40)
  • Six week course is £36 (early bird is £30) - You will require your own kettlebell
  • Eight week course is £48 (early bird is £40) - You will require your own yoga mat.
Refunds and cancellations:

Payments are non refundable and non transferrable and for courses will secure your place. All personal training sessions require 24 hours notice for cancellation, any sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at the full rate.

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