Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kettlercise anyone?

Fitness Quest will be introducing an exciting new course starting on Thursday 17th October, 7pm at Strouden Community Centre.

Kettlercise is an amazing group fitness class that will literally see your body shape transform before your eyes! Perfect for improving fitness and stamina, strength, muscle tone and really boosting fat and inch loss!

The course is 4 weeks long, and you will work through a series of full body, functional exercises that really get you working hard! This is not an easy fix, you work hard to get the fabulous results! At all of my courses I offer body composition testing on the first and last weeks of the course to help your see the progress you've made, for more information on body composition click here.

Perfect for both men and women that are looking for a great workout and even better results. We will cover exercises for your legs, arms and core so no muscle will go un-worked! You can expect to burn between 600-900 calories per session, but the most important thing to remember that Kettlercise will help to increase your muscle mass, and more muscle (doesn't mean more bulky), means more efficient fat burn, even whilst sleeping - So this really is an investment your body cannot afford to miss out on!

Kettlercise is suitable for all ages,shapes, sizes and abilities, it is quite a challenging workout so please make sure you check with your GP if you have any health concerns. 
Please note this class is not suitable for pregnant women.
The class is structured so you can take it at your own pace, easier options are given for a lot of the exercises, I can give you alternatives if you are unable to do a particular exercise.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?                                                                                          
Fitness/workout gear i.e. T Shirt & Joggers. Trainers compulsory.

You will need to purchase your own kettlebell to bring with you, brand new they range from £9-£25, although you may be able to find some great second hand bargains. It is important that when choosing your kettlebell, you don't go for one that's too bulky at the base and that you can safely hold on to the handle with both hands. Some of the exercises involve holding the bell at the base of the handle, so the smaller the bell the better (plastic ones are MUCH bigger than cast iron ones) and try to find one that is neoprene coated at the base to help you grip onto it! It is recommended that women start with a 4kg kettlebell and men a 6kg, here are some links to a website that sells some great kettlebells:

4kg, 6kg & 8kg set

I also recommend bringing plenty of water and a small towel as you will sweat & also an exercise mat if you have one (I do carry a few spares with me though).

I am now taking bookings for the first course:

Thursday 17th October - Thursday 14th November
7pm - 7:50pm
Strouden Community Centre
31 Vanguard Road
Strouden Park

£20 for 4 sessions - Please remember you will require your own Kettlebell (see above)

ONLY 7 PLACES LEFT - Book now to avoid missing out!

If you would like to book a place or require further information, please email

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