Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lean Green Fighting Machine...

I've finally given in to trying this so called "secret ingredient" that all the celebrity trainers appear to be using, and getting their clients to use at the moment. Below I've written a blog about my positive and negative experiences so far and why you should give it a try if you're looking to boost metabolism and increase your energy.

What is it?

It really isn't that big a secret after all. Each day you add one scoop of Lean Greens into a large glass of water (or mix it with anything of your choice), and drink up! Every scoop of Lean Greens contains three plates of veg, fat burning ingredients, anti inflammatory properties and only 60 calories:

Five Potent Grasses - That neutralise the acidic environment in our body

5 of the most powerful grasses on the planet, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, chlorella and spirulina create an alkaline blend that works to neutralise the acidic environment in our bodies caused by modern processed diets.

Three Platefuls of Veg - With a unique vitamin and mineral mix

The vegetable trio of broccoli, spinach and carrot, give Lean Greens a unique vitamin and mineral combo that’ll rival 3 platefuls of the veg we get on our Sunday lunch menu!

The Fruity Combo - With anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties

Throw in the anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits of our berry duo of blueberry and blackcurrant to the mix and you’ll see this blend is not just about consuming rabbit food!

Five Digestive Enzymes - To help the body process fats, sugars and starches

The enzyme blend of Lactase, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase and Bromelain do yet more work to help in the processing of fats, sugars and starches often missing from most peoples day to day diets.  

The Fat Burning - Metabolic Kick from green tea and Siberian ginseng

And finally the metabolic kick created by the green tea extract and Siberian ginseng perfects the mix, by gently increasing your body’s fat burning capabilities, and naturally increasing your energy levels, without the crash.


My review

I've only been using Lean Greens for a week so far, and I'm not going to lie... When it comes to first impressions, well... It doesn't really impress. It's green and murky, and doesn't do much to make you want to drink it. The first day I took my time over it, the smell is neutral, the taste is a bit grassy with hints of carrot. The second day I wanted to drink it faster so was a bit of a baby and held my nose and gulped it down. The third day onwards, no problem. I'm actually starting to enjoy the taste now! I have however only tried it with a pint of water, I've not added a squeeze of lemon and I've not put it in a protein shake or made any healthy bakes with it (yes it really is versatile), but I'm now happy with my pint first thing in the morning!

It took about 3 days for me to notice a slight increase in energy, a week on I could still do with a tad more but I most definitely am feeling more lean, and my skin is starting to improve a lot (I've always suffered quite badly with hormonal outbreaks)! I'm keeping going with my greens once a day and will keep you updated on my findings, but if you're up for trying something new, that's healthy and you have in ADDITION to your current diet (it's not a meal replacement), then order a tub and give it a try! Just give it time!

The downsides to the product are firstly, before you order, the price. At £45 a tub it does seem quite expensive, but a tub will last you a good month and it a great alternative to shop bought multi vitamins. You get the equivalent to your 5 a day in each serving, this doesn't mean you can stop eating fruit and veg altogether, but it does help you reach that target, often meaning you get around 10 a day! It's also a great hangover cure, not that I'd encourage getting hungover just to try it out, and to be honest I'm not sure if hungover you'd be able to keep it down... But it's there should you need it!

Secondly, when it arrives and you first make it up, wondering if you'll ever be able to embrace the look (you will, just don't be a baby)! Thirdly, when you've embraced it and are drinking once a day, you will most likely notice your bowels have become a bit more regular (or even increased flatulence), this isn't a downside, however it is your body adjusting and detoxing and it will settle down eventually.

It's lovely to have found a product that can do so much, and is completely natural and doesn't replace food!

You can order your tub or find out more by clicking here. If you do start using Lean Greens, please get in touch and let me know what you think of it, and keep track of your "before & after" measurements if you're doing it to boost fat loss!

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