Saturday, 28 March 2020

Fitness Quest Virtual Classes - How to sign up!

These past few weeks have been a really difficult time for all of us and I've been racking my brain to find a solution that I feel will be of the benefit to all of us over the coming weeks/months.

My first clarification is to remind you all that any course bookings you have made have been automatically frozen and will continue when it is safe to return. I appreciate that online classes may not be for everyone which is why I am not offering the virtual package as a replacement for courses already paid for. If you would like to try what I have on offer below please let me know, even if you just want to see how it could work (it's surprised me how much I'm enjoying it). If any of you reading this are struggling financially, please talk to me, I do not want you missing out on joining our online classes and I'm sure we can uncover some solutions.

My second point is to say that the situation we currently find ourselves in is incredibly tough, we will all have different reasons for feeling the strain, whether that is job loss or being a key worker rushed off your feet, learning to home school children and work from home, fighting illness yourself or supporting family. It is likely that many of us will find our mental health compromised and for that reason I feel it is incredibly important for us not only to exercise but to try to retain some of our regular routine. For that reason, I intend to keep the virtual class times similar to the in person classes. We have a fabulous community and I want you all to stay in contact and support one another.

My third part, and the information you came here for is below. I encourage you to read all of this post thoroughly, I cannot wait to continue bringing these classes to you!

What is the plan?

This update is long, and I apologise for that (I will try to film a video). I wanted to talk you all through my thought process and the issues I encountered coming up with this solution. Honestly, I never envisioned a time where I would have closed my business with immediate effect and I just wasn't prepared for the heartache it created. I do hope what I suggest seems exciting for you and provides you with a little glimmer of hope (or sweat).

Four week unlimited* class package
  • £20 per person for up to 5 x 30 minute classes per week (*Kettlercise is only available if you have done one of my Kettlercise courses before). Works out to £1 per class/£1.25 per class if not including Kettlercise.
  • £30 per household for up to 5 x 30 minute classes each per week (*Kettlercise is only available if you have done one of my Kettlercise courses before. All household members must be previous/existing customers).
  • These are introductory prices and will end Friday 3rd April 2020.
The Timetable

The class timetable will remain as representative of the in person timetable as possible, offering the same benefits you've come to love about each class.

Monday's (including Easter Monday although times may vary with demand):
  • 6:30pm - 7pm - Kettlercise
  • 7:30pm - 8pm - HiiT
  • 6:30pm - 7pm - Stretch & Strength
  • 7:30pm - 8pm - Sculpt & Burn
  • 7pm - 7:30pm - Boxercise HIIT
I may add classes to the timetable depending on the demand, I may also need to reassess the timetable slots in a couple of weeks but I'm hoping the above times are convenient for most current attendees and closest to their regular routines.

I intend to leave the meetings open for 10-15 minutes after each class to allow you all to have a catch up and chat (you can leave if you want to) as I think this is an important part of our community network.

How will it work?

Many of you have helped me trial the classes this week. Yes we have had some teething issues but I have ruled them out my end, helped problem solve for a few of you (mainly internet strength or device) but please do bear in mind that the internet is under increased demand at the moment so we may need to have a plan B, reschedule (one attempt) or cancel the class (last resort), so with full transparency I encourage you to consider this before signing up. Even with teething issues members could follow along, had a good workout and felt those all important endorphins kick in! The last two sessions I ran have been AMAZING! So I do believe the package will offer you fantastic value for money.

You will need access to the internet and a device with a camera (smartphone/tablet/laptop etc) and either download the Zoom app or be able to open the meeting link in your web browser. It's so simple - I was so scared starting it but it is beginning to feel normal. I will happily arrange to test a meeting with anyone not sure of how it'll work.

Most of you have already completed the waiver form which is compulsory before attending a virtual class. If you have not yet completed it please do so. You only need to complete it once but if your circumstances change please inform me. 

Why a four week package?

Two reasons. Simplicity and commitment

One package for all means less admin for all, including me. You will not need to book onto each class, you will be given a link to the meeting room which will remain the same for each class for four weeks. This means that you can decide at short notice whether or not you can jump into the virtual class, perfect with many of you juggling everything from home at the moment.

Commitment is also vital right now... Motivation will begin to fade as the weeks go by and I need you guys to stay determined and strong so that when we can get back to classes you are raring to go. Remember that mental health affects people in different ways, it's important to feel committed to your routine to give your mental wellbeing a boost too.

It also allows me to plan financially. Having closed the business I have lost all my income and I still have business overheads to cover, which I cannot cancel if I wish to return to teaching when this ends. I have two options, try to make an online income to cover these costs or find alternative employment during the weeks/months I cannot teach you in person. I have thought long and hard about the fairest way to run this. I dismissed class passes because of admin and needing you to book each session. I decided against pay as you go as I would need to charge more to allow for the uncertainty of booking numbers. I thought about discounts for block booking but this became too complicated with 5 different classes on offer. In the end I decided four weeks to be the ideal combination (even once a week is just £5 per class). That being said, as I've already mentioned above, if you have been financially impacted by COVID-19, please get in touch, I know how hard it is. 

Will virtual classes continue?

I will reassess the situation continuously and extend the virtual class packages for as long as they remain viable and required. I have already had interest from those who have tried the classes this week in keeping them going once we return to in person classes - Let's see! I may add some virtual classes to the permanent timetable!

I know that was a VERY long post, I could have simply stated the package but feel you all deserve to understand the reasoning behind how it'll work. The package is only available to current or previous members and Fitness Quest would not have survived this far if it were not for all your amazing faces turning up over the years.

I promise you all when we are back, it's going to be amazing, but in the meantime, let's not stop the party.

To book your place at the introductory offer price available until Friday 3rd April please email 

Prices as of 4th April expected to be £25 individual/£35 household but this is subject to change.

If you've read this far, give yourself a round of applause. See you next week.

Thank you so much.


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