Wednesday, 25 March 2020


I've got some great news for you... Virtual classes are being trialled this week and here is how you can get involved. Unfortunately at this time I am only able to accept previous and existing customers.

How to book an online class:

1. Download the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for your smartphone or tablet or you can access the meeting via a laptop/pc with a webcam via (you will not need to create an account)
2. You must complete the waiver form
4. Once you have booked you will then be given the access details to the meeting, please ensure you use the correct email when booking otherwise you may lose the access information

When it’s time to join the class:
      1.  Just before the start time open the Zoom app on your phone or tablet OR on a pc/laptop go to (you will not be able to join until I have opened the room about one minute before class start time but be ready)!
2.  On the app and website enter the meeting room number provided after booking
3.  You can also use the link emailed to you to access the room directly
4.  If you are asked for a password, this was provided after the booking
5.  You should be automatically muted (so you can all play your own music) but please ensure your camera is on and you remain in shot so I can see you.
6.  Double click/tap on my video to pin me (will stop it flicking between you all).
7.  Turn volume up on your device or connect to a speaker to hear me better if you are using music.
8.  If you are having internet issues please try:
  •      Staying as close to your wifi router as possible
  •      If using a pc or laptop consider plugging in to the internet
  •      Reduce the use of other services using the internet on device and in household
  •      Consider switching to 4g if you have plenty of data

See you there!

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