Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Join the Fitness Quest Community Virtually!

The Timetable


6:30pm-7pm - Kettlercise - A series of full body kettlebell exercises (requires previous attendance due to safety reasons and a kettlebell).

7:30pm-8pm - HIIT - Body weight exercises done to a near maximal effort to really build up a sweat, build fitness and burn calories (suitable for all levels, minimal space and no equipment).


6:30pm-7pm - Stretch & Strength - A great class to ease out some tight spots and focus on the strength of some vital muscle groups (suitable for all levels, minimal space, grab a yoga mat/cushions/towel etc).

7:30pm-8pm - Sculpt & Burn - A full body challenge suitable for all fitness levels, although no equipment is required there will be opportunities to utilise any equipment you do have access to.


7pm-7:30pm - Boxercise HIIT - A fun class which incorporates punching and kicking moves into a HIIT format (suitable for all levels, no equipment required).

On Demand:

As part of membership you also gain on demand access to L1FT (weights based) and SH1FT (HIIT based) fitness formats, which you can do at any time on any day!

Why should you join?

I've now been running my classes virtually for over four weeks and everyone is loving keeping their fitness routine going. Now more than ever, staying fit is so important, not just for physical health but mental health. The Fitness Quest members love seeing each other (I give you the option to stay and chat at the end) and being in a virtual class allows me to keep an eye on you during your workouts too and provide verbal feedback to improve your workout experience (much like in a face to face class). I also take into consideration member requests for exercises and stretches when planning the classes, making them feel more bespoke for you all.

I'm only taking on a maximum of 10 more members for the May intake to ensure I don't overcrowd my screen and continue to offer quality coaching based on what I can see you all doing.

Before teaching virtually, I had taught fitness classes since 2008 and have been a Personal Trainer since 2005. I'm also a qualified level 4 strength and conditioning coach, and hold certifications in many fitness programmes. I'm fully insured to teach online, registered with REP's and first aid trained. I'm finishing my 3 year BSc Nutrition (Hons) degree at Bournemouth University, and am currently studying to become a qualified Pilates instructor. You're continued support over the forthcoming weeks and months helps to keep my little business running by enabling me to pay for the costs which continue even when I can't teach in person and invest back into Fitness Quest and my own knowledge to improve the help and expertise I can offer to my lovely members.

How can you join?

If you would like to join, or have any questions about joining you can email me. Let me know if you would like to try a class before committing and I can forward you a link.

Once you have joined, you will gain access to a Facebook group with the meeting access details, the Facebook group will also act as a back up if Zoom fails us (hasn't happened yet). If you don't have Facebook I can email you the meeting information to keep safe, but please subscribe to this website in case of any emergency announcements.

The sessions are held via Zoom, you will need access to internet and a device with a camera (smartphone/laptop etc). I am more than happy to talk you through how to use Zoom, although it's very simple and once you've done one class you don't even have to think about what you're doing.

You will be required to join the Zoom session on time for each class - If you are late, I won't be able to admit you to class as missing the warm up means your body isn't ready for the main workout.

**All new members will be required to complete a screening and waiver form before joining their first class**

You can read more about my reasons for taking Fitness Quest Classes Online here. I really hope you are able to join us for the next four week block starting on Monday 27th April 2020.

Stay safe, stay fit, stay healthy.

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