Saturday, 16 May 2020

Virtual Fitness Classes - June Memberships

Wow! We're heading into the 3rd four week block of virtual fitness classes and it seems they'll be the home of group fitness for the foreseeable future. However, I'm loving teaching online (although I miss seeing everyone in person), and I've had endless messages from members saying how the classes have helped them; from actually losing weight and getting fitter to the importance of the routines keeping them sane during lockdown.

There's so much to update you on and I could write another essay, but I'll try to keep it to the point...

1. The Fitness Quest Virtual Studio includes unlimited access to all of the live classes (Kettlercise is only available if you've done Kettlercise with me before, although a 1:2:1 Zoom session can be scheduled).

2. You have on demand access to the amazing SH1FT (HIIT based) and L1FT (weights based) formats, you can do these whenever you want and they are only 30 minutes long but you'll certainly feel them.

3. I'm also adding to a stretch routine library on a weekly basis, which you can access whenever you need it.

4. If you miss the live classes, you will have access to HIIT and Boxercise HIIT for 7 days after the live class. Perfect to catch up, repeat or just try it out.

5. I'll be adding technique challenges, the focus is on improving your form and showing you where you should be feeling each exercise and how to spot common bad habits.

6.  There will also be a workout of the week (WOW) it'll be different each week and the idea is you submit your score (or just comment "done" if you don't fancy sharing). The idea is to create some accountability and bring some friendly competition.

7. If you need it, you'll get 20% off any other virtual extras (online PT or bespoke programming).

8. You'll be added to a private Facebook group (optional), which acts as your membership hub where you can easily find everything above but also chat with other members, which provides a much needed community at the moment.

The next four block begins on 25th May, it's £25 to join. You'll also be locked in at this price for as long as you'd like to be a member and as long as we need our virtual studio!

Finally, there's two final things you need to be aware of... 1. There's a competition on FB - Enter to win four weeks free (can be June or July if you've already paid for June) 2. If you sign up a friend you get June HALF PRICE!

But be quick - I only have 5 new membership places opening up for this block.

To book, please email 

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