Thursday, 2 July 2020

Keeping in touch - Lockdown updates

Hi everyone, unfortunately I don't have much to update you on, apart from a couple of minor changes and to remind you of some really important topics which you may or may not already be aware of.

Returning to Fitness

I hope you're all managing ok and that you are slowly able to make that transition into the new normal. There are a few industries still waiting on clearance from the government to reopen, sadly Fitness Quest falls into that bracket. I've had a few members ask about running outdoor classes as they've seen others being held... Government guidance only allows for a maximum of six people, including the instructor to take part in fitness classes, even outside whilst adhering to social distancing. BCP council also requires trainers to have a license to operate classes on their land, most instructors don't have this. Without this license or if classes are being held in groups larger than 6, the instructors insurance is not valid. Finally, we all know how temperamental the British weather is, unless I'm able to run classes in all weather, it's not viable for me to replace the virtual classes at this stage. This is one of the reasons I asked members to complete a return to fitness survey, as it really helps me to plan how I can cater for as many people as possible. If you haven't yet filled this in I would really appreciate you doing so.

I have also outlined some Return to Fitness Policies of which I would be grateful for you to read, I don't know how much these will change before we return but these would be valid and put into place should we be allowed back tomorrow. The policies include government guidelines, Fitness Quest rules and consideration for venue providers (although I'm still waiting to receive their full T&C's).

Personal Training

1-2-1 and 1-2-2 personal training in person has now restarted. This can be on private outdoor land (such as a garden) with up to two clients from the same or different households, or inside a private residence with up to two clients from the same household. Full conditions are outlined in the Return to Fitness Policies. Virtual personal training is still offered and will now be a permanent Fitness Quest service.

Virtual Memberships

I was really hoping that our fourth online block would be the final one before we were allowed to start back with some in person classes, however, with no relaxation on gatherings (maximum of 6 from different households) and no communication from my venue hire providers, I'm going ahead with offering a fifth block of virtual membership, commencing on Monday 20th July and ending on Sunday 16th August. It may be that within that block some face to face classes are offered, but this depends on various factors all falling in our favour.

You can read about everything that's included in the Fitness Quest Virtual Membership here. As a quick recap though, this is what's on offer:

  • Six live classes each week (Kettlercise, HIIT, Stretch and Strength, Sculpt and Burn, Boxercise HIIT and Flexi Friday)
  • Catch up if you miss HIIT, Boxercise HIIT or Flexi Friday classes. These are available for you to do anytime you want, for up to 7 days after the live class
  • On demand stretch routines - I've recorded lots of routines for you to do and repeat whenever you need them, there is no time limit on these
  • Access to two brilliant formats on demand called SH1FT (HIIT based) and L1FT (weights based) for you to complete whenever you want
  • Workout of the Week - A tough exercise challenge for you to do in your own time
  • Technique challenges
  • Support network
Thank You

I know I keep saying it, but I really do appreciate all the support I've received over the past few months and going forward.Whilst the virtual memberships have helped to keep the business costs covered, I've now reached the point where I need to accept work elsewhere. Most of you know I also work for the University, now they are phasing a return to the office I have accepted some shifts just to help with my personal finances. Please be patient with me if I take a little longer than usual to reply to any messages. Please also be assured that running Fitness Quest is my priority and I will maintain high standards of service.

Finally, I'd like to say that we're still on this strange journey together. Some of you have already returned to the office, some of you have been key workers throughout, others are still shielding whilst some have apprehensively sent their kids back to school. Whatever your situation at present, it's completely normal to be lacking motivation. Some of you have been absent from classes and I just wanted to reach out, often we just need a gentle kick up the bum to get things moving, but sometimes the reasons run deeper. Please remember that I'm here to help, if you are struggling financially or need more than a kick up the bum please reach out to me and I'll do my best to help.

Stay safe.


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