Sunday, 1 November 2020

November Lockdown Update and Return to Virtual

Arghhhhh... I guess we all knew it was inevitable at some point but it is still sad to be bringing you this update. Please read all of the information below fully and if I has missed anything or you are unsure of anything please email me

What has happened?

On Saturday 31st October 2020, Boris Johnson announced that England will be entering a four week national lockdown from Thursday 5th November 2020. You can read more about the restrictions here. It is hoped the lockdown restrictions can be eased from Wednesday 2nd December 2020. This unfortunately means that between these dates, all in person classes will be cancelled.

What happens until we enter lockdown on the 5th November? 

As it stands, all classes on Monday 2nd November and Wednesday 4th November will go ahead, unless the venue cancels our booking. I will contact anyone signed in to the classes should they need to be cancelled, so please ensure you sign in with the correct phone number and email listed. Cancellations will also be posted on the Facebook page.

Please continue to adhere to the Covid-19 policy in the meantime.

What happens to any outstanding classes?

If you are booked onto a current course, any remaining sessions will continue as soon as we are allowed back. If you are booked on to a future course which has not yet started, your payment has secured your place and the course will start as soon as we are allowed back.

Current course dates are:

Kettlercise - Monday 21st September - Monday 2nd November (completed in full)

HIIT - Six week, continuous block from your start date, this varies per participant.

PiYo - Wednesday 23rd September - 11th November (one week to be carried over to post lockdown, estimated to be 9th December 2020)

Sculpt & Burn - Wednesday 23rd September - 11th November (one week to be carried over to post lockdown, estimated to be 9th December 2020)

Future course dates are:

Kettlercise - Was due to start on Monday 9th November, new estimated start date is Monday 7th December (no classes on 21st or 28th December).

HIIT - Classes due to resume on 7th December (no classes on 21st or 28th December)

PiYo - Was due to start on Wednesday 18th November, new estimated start date is Wednesday 16th December (no classes on 23rd or 30th December)

Sculpt & Burn - Was due to start on Wednesday 18th November, new estimated start date is Wednesday 16th December (no classes on 23rd or 30th December)

How to book a place on a future course

Please be aware that estimated start dates may change and may be in 2021. If you have already paid for a future course, your place on the course is secure. 

If you would like to guarantee your place on the next course please email me to book and arrange payment. Places cannot be held without payment.

What is the plan to returning to Virtual Classes during lockdown?

Here is the exciting bit, I have been preparing for the likelihood of returning to our virtual class room and have therefore invested in some new programmes. Teaching virtually is fantastic for keeping in touch with you all and motivating you to stay fit and healthy, however it's difficult to make it financially viable. I am hopeful that we'll only need a four week block, even if we're not back to in person classes before Christmas, hopefully we'll be back as usual early January, without the need for a second block. 

Four Week Lockdown Fitness Blitz - Starts Monday 9th November 2020

All of the following is included in membership:

  • Monday L1FT (weighted workout) - 6:30pm-7pm
  • Monday SH1FT (HIIT) - 7:15pm-7:45pm
  • Wednesday M1ND (mobility, stability, flexibility) - 6:30pm-7pm
  • Wednesday Sculpt & Burn (functional fitness) - 7:15pm-7:45pm
  • Catch up access to SH1FT, L1FT and M1ND for 7 days
  • Access to SH1FT & L1FT on demand
  • Access to on demand PiYo
  • Weekly workout to attempt in your own time
  • Block challenge (to be announced)
  • Access to Fitness Quest Virtual Classes Facebook Group
Further to the above, a Thursday class (or two) may be added, should there be enough membership sign ups, this will likely be Boxing HIIT. Some class times may also be extended to 40-45 minutes.


Full access to the membership benefits listed above will cost £30 for the four week period between 9th November and 6th December 2020. 

The cost of membership factors in my business overheads such as Zoom account, professional fees such as insurance and licence fees for the course formats I teach (whether actively teaching or not) and unfortunately doesn't begin to cover a wage but it does keep the business running until we can get back to normal.

I don't like begging, but I am giving some members who would like to donate an extra £10 the option of becoming a FQ Super Star, in return I will be giving the first 6 people to donate the extra £10 (taking membership to £40 for the four weeks) a special edition Kettlercise DVD:

Members shouldn't feel pressured to donate the extra but for those that do, please note that I will be forever thankful for your kindness! Some of you may already have this DVD so please do check before donating the £10.

Lockdown Party!

Finally... Let's try to flip the situation and celebrate what we do have! I'm planning to celebrate with a day of fitness and catch ups with you all (virtually of course) to launch this next block of virtual classes.

Please let me know if you would like to book a place on the Fitness Party, here's your invite:

When - Saturday 7th November 2020, 10am-1:30pm, Zoom

What - Try out all of the fitness formats from SH1FT, L1FT, M1ND, Sculpt & Burn and Boxing HIIT. We will also put some time aside to catch up and have a good old chat! You can do all of the classes or just the ones you want to try.

Who can join the party? Anyone - Past members, current members or people thinking about becoming members. You only need internet access and a safe space to exercise so you can join in from any location. 

Cost - £7 for the day pass.

How to book? Email

Please share this information far and wide, let get lots of people to the party next Saturday and maybe even some sign ups for the four week lockdown fitness blitz. 

Thanks again for your continued support and understanding. Supporting a small business is so much more than just buying a product or service, it gives hope and happiness.


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